Objects d'Everest

Some useless info I've gathered from my Everest reading. Perhaps we can learn something about the human race based on what they carried to the top of the world's highest mountain... Enjoy!

1953 - first ascent by a writing utensil, first flag ascent, first ascent by candy, first crucifix ascent (or was it a teddy bear...), first human urine left on summit (technically, "a short distance off")
1956 - first wallet lost on South Col
1960 - first ascent by Chairman Mao's head, first movie camera ascent, first wallet found on South Col (money and picture of climber's daughter taken, wallet returned to owner), second attempted crucifix ascent
1963 - first flagpole ascent, first movie camera used near summit, second crucifix ascent
1965 - Buddha, Shiva, Guru Nanak, the Dalai Lama, and Devi Durga all join Jesus and Chairman Mao on summit, first movie camera used ON summit, first attempted ascent by female centerfold page (defeated by stodgy expedition leader)
1975 - first electrocardiograph ascent, first ascent by a giant red tripod, first climbing partner left on summit
1976 - first lawn flamingo ascent
1981 - first Frisbee ascent, first stationary bike carried to South Col (alas, no one bothered to use it)
1982 - first ascent by a Kit-Kat bar
1985 - first human tears left on summit 
1988 - first hang glider ascent, first Karate kick delivered in Khumbu Icefall, first skis carried to summit
1995 - first cowboy lasso ascent 
1996 - first summit climb by an umbilical cord and IMAX camera, second giant tripod ascent, possible second teddy bear ascent, first skis worn on summit
1997 - first koala hand puppet ascent
1998 - first ascent by a Welsh stone
1999 - first traffic light (er...laser survey reflector) ascent
2001 - first seeing-eye-cowbell ascent
2003 - first summit guitar, first summit hurling equipment
2006 - first full set of recently worn high-altitude clothing (briefly) left on summit
2010 - first attempted bicycle ascent (defeated by government paperwork) 

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