Everest Books M-Z

These pages will be continuously updated. I'll add the books I read (hyperlinked), and anything else I come upon in the process. I always appreciate suggestions! An asterisk (*) means that I have read the book before I started this blog.

Macartney-Snape, Tim. Everest from Sea to Summit. Terrey Hills, AUS: Australian Geographic, 1992. 280 pp. 

MacDonald, David. Twenty Years in Tibet: Intimate & Personal Experiences in the Closed Land among All Classes of Its People from the Highest to the Lowest. London: Seeley, Service & Co., 1932. 318 pp.

Macfarlane, Robert. Mountains of the Mind: How Desolate and Forbidding Heights Were Transformed into Experiences of Indomitable Spirit. Pantheon, 2003. 320 pp.

MacInnes, Hamish. High Drama: Mountain Rescue Stories from Four Continents. Seattle: The Mountaineers, 1980. 208 pp.

________. Look Behind the Ranges: A Mountaineers Selection of Adventures and Expeditions. London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1979. 271 pp.

________., ed. The Mammoth Book of Mountain Disasters: True Encounters of Rescue from the Brink of Death. New York: Carrol & Graf Publishers, 2003. 500 pp. 

Macintyre, Neil. Attack on Everest. London: Methuen & Co., 1936. 171 pp.

MacKenzie, Mark. In the Footsteps of Mallory and Irvine: The Wildest Dream. London: John Murray, 2009. 248 pp.

Madge, Tim. The Last Hero---Bill Tilman: A Biography of the Explorer. London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1995. 288 pp.

Magnusson, Anna. The Sky's the Limit: The Story of Vicky Jack and Her Quest to Climb the Seven Summits. Edinburgh: Black & White Publishing, 2007. 212 pp.

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________. Climbing Everest. UK: Gibson Square Books, 2010.

Mantovani, Roberto. Mount Everest: The History of the Himalayan Giant. Seattle: The Mountaineers, 1997. 144 pp.

Marshall, Howard. Men Against Everest. London: Country Life Limited, 1954. 64 pp.  

Martel, Lynn. Home Is Where the Mountains Are: The Remarkable Life of Sharon Wood. Canmore, AB: The Alpine Club of Canada, 2004. 24 pp.

Masheter, Carol. No Magic Helicopter: An Aging Amazon's Climb of Everest. San Diego: Aventine Press, 2010. 214 pp.

Masoff, Joy. Everest: Reaching for the Sky. New York: Scholastic, Inc., 2002. 48 pp. 

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Matuszewska, Ewa. Uciec jak najwyzej: nie dokonszone zycie Wandy Rutkiewicz. Warsaw: Iskry, 1999. 264 pp.

Mauduit, Chantal. J'habite au paradis. JC Lattes, 1998.

May, Julian. Hillary and Tenzing: Conquerors of Mount Everest. Creative Educational Society, 1973. 60 pp.

May, Paul. At the Top of the World: The Story of Tenzing Norgay. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2003. 24 pp.

Mazeaud, Pierre. Everest '78. Paris: Denoel, 1978. 222 pp.

________. Naked Before the Mountain. trans. Geoffrey Sutton. London: Victor Gollancz, 1974. 256 pp. 

Maynard, Charles W. Great Mountain Ranges of the World: The Himalayas. New York: PowerKids Press, 2004. 24 pp.

Mazel, David, ed. Mountaineering Women: Stories by Early Climbers. College Station, TX: Texas A & M University Press, 1994. 184 pp.

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McCauley, Lucy, ed. Women in the Wold: True Stories of Adventure and Connection. San Francisco: Travelers' Tales Inc., 1998. 292 pp.

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________, ed. Extreme Landscape: The Lure of Mountain Spaces. Washington, D. C.: National Geographic Adventure Press, 2002. 250 pp.

________. Freedom Climbers. Victoria, BC: Rocky Mountain Books, 2011. 352 pp.

________. I'll Call You in Kathmandu: The Elizabeth Hawley Story. Seattle: The Mountaineers, 2005. 256 pp. 

McDonald, Bernadette & Amatt, John, ed. Voices from the Summit: The World's Greatest Mountaineers on the Future of Climbing. Washington, DC: National Geographic Press, 2000. 256 pp.

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Meier-Huesing, Peter. Wo die Schneeloewen Tanzen: Maurice Wilsons Vergessene Everest-Besteigung. Munich: Malik, 2004. 264 pp. 

Mercado, Abner P. Sa bubunga ng mundo: A journal on the first Filipino expedition to Mt. Everest based on the official coverage of the correspondents. Quezon City, PHI: Golden Books & Publications, 2006. 96 pp.

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________. The Second Death of George Mallory: The Enigma and Spirit of Everest. trans. Tim Carruthers. New York: St. Martin's Press, 2001. 205 pp. 

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________. The Story of Everest. New York: E. P. Dutton & Co., 1953. 198 pp. 

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________. Die Wilden Siebziger Jarhe in Himalaya. Vienna: Egoth Verlag, 2008. 336 pp. 

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