Now you too can write for Everest Book Report! I want this blog's information to be as international as its audience, but my language skills (English, German, a little Spanish and French) are hardly universal. If you read a language other than English and are a fan of Everest books, I would love to hear from you. Help me turn Everest Book Report into a truly comprehensive resource for the Everest literature by writing about the books you love. Here are the guidelines for submission:

Email me at with the title, author, and language of the non-fiction book you'd like to write about. (Sorry, no books already in English at this time, please!) After I've approved the book, send me an entry.

The book you write about should include a climb of Everest---anything from an Everest expedition narrative to a biography or history that only has Everest as a small part of it.

Your entry needs to be in English. If English is your second (third, fourth) language, I am happy to try to work with you to create quality prose.

Include both the author's full name and the title of the book in your first sentence.

Tell us about the book and what you do (or don't) like about it in two to seven paragraphs, with at least one paragraph describing the book's action on Mount Everest. Be sure to mention the year, season, expedition leader, and route of the Everest climb. (If there are several, you can be more general.)

Let me know what information about you that you'd like posted with your entry, such as your name, a link to your blog or webpage, or if you'd like to remain anonymous. 

If I find out that you've plagiarized or provided false information, I will remove your entry. 

I reserve the right to post entries at my own discretion. Submitting an entry is not a guarantee of its appearing on my blog.

If for any reason, you wish to remove your entry from my blog, contact me, and I will delete it.

I am not compensated for writing my blog. I cannot compensate you for writing for my blog.