Recommended Reading

Expedition Accounts

1921 - Mount Everest: The Reconnaissance, by Lt. Col. Charles Howard-Bury
1933 - Everest 1933, by Hugh Ruttledge
1935 - Mount Everest: The Reconnaissance 1935, by Tony Astill
1953 - Everest 1953, by Mick Conefrey

1960 - Lure of Everest, by Brig. Gyan Singh
1963 - Everest: The West Ridge, by Tom Hornbein 
1971 - Doctor on Everest, by Peter Steele
1975 - Everest: The Hard Way, by Chris Bonington
1980 - The Crystal Horizon, by Reinhold Messner
1982 - Zum Dritten Pol: Sowjetiche Alpinisten auf dem Mount Everest, by Dmitri Meschtchaninow
1984 - White Limbo, by Lincoln Hall
1987 - Orient Express to Crystal Summit, by Shin Seung Mo
1988 - Everest: Alone at the Summit, by Stephen Venables
1993 - Everest from Sea to Summit, by Tim Macartney-Snape
1996 - Ascent and Dissent, by Ken Vernon
2006 - Dead Lucky, by Lincoln Hall
2011 - Flying off Everest, by Dave Costello


Everest Exposed, by George Band
Into the Silence, by Wade Davis
Last Hours on Everest, by Graham Hoyland 
Fallen Giants, by Maurice Isserman and Stewart Weaver
Freedom Climbers, by Bernadette McDonald
Tenzing Norgay and the Sherpas of Everest, by Tashi Tenzing
Everest: The Mountaineering History, by Walt Unsworth
Everest: A Thousand Years of Exploration, by Michael Ward
Footprints on the Peaks, by Zhou Zheng and Liu Zhenkai


Breaking Trail, by Arlene Blum
Above the Clouds, by Anatoli Boukreev
The Burgess Book of Lies, by Adrian and Alan Burgess
Sharper Edges, by Andy de Klerk
Together on Top of the World, by Phil and Sue Ershler
Sheer Will, by Mike Groom
In the Ghost Country, by Peter Hillary and John Elder
The Sky Was His Limit, by B. N. Mullik (Sonam Gyatso)
Dougal Haston: The Philosophy of Risk, by Jeff Connor
Prelude to Everest, by Ian Mitchell and George Rodway (Alexander Kellas)
My Vertical World, by Jerzy Kukuczka 
The Wildest Dream, by Peter and Leni Gillman (George Mallory)
George Leigh Mallory: A Memoir, by David Pye
Everest: The First Ascent, by Harriet Pugh Tuckey (Griffith Pugh) 
Soldiers and Sherpas, by Brummie Stokes
Tenzing: Hero of Everest, by Ed Douglas (Tenzing Norgay)
Fatal Mountaineer, by Robert Roper (Willi Unsoeld)
Snow in the Kingdom, by Ed Webster
I'll Climb Mount Everest Alone, by Dennis Roberts (Maurice Wilson)

Young Readers

The Young Adventurer's Guide to Everest, by Jonathan Chester
You Wouldn't Want to Climb Mount Everest!, by Ian Graham 
Sir Edmund Hillary: Mount Everest and Beyond, by Sue Muller Hacking
Alive in the Death Zone: Mount Everest Survival, by Lincoln Hall
Conquering Everest, by Helfand & Tayal 
Using Math to Climb Mount Everest, by Koll, Mills & Brice
Life on an Everest Expedition, by Patricia Netzly
Climbing Everest, by Audrey Salkeld
To the Top, by Stephen Venables

Commentary, Photography, etc.

Everest: Is It Conquered?, by S. M. Goswami
Mount Everest, by Sven Hedin
Mountain, by Sandy Hill
Mount Everest Massif, by Jan Kielkowski
Mountains of the Middle Kingdom, by Galen Rowell
Himalayas, by Yoshikazu Shirakawa
The Swiss Expeditions in Photographs, by the Swiss Foundation for Alpine Research
Everest: The Challenge, by Sir Francis Younghusband