Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy Birthday, Everest Book Report!

Everest Book Report is one year old today! It's been a busy year: I've read and reviewed 207 books on climbing Mount Everest, and I'm well on my way to making my literary ascent of the gargantuan pile of published Everest literature. The blog has come a long way as well: in September 2010 I had 4 page views (Thanks, Mom!), and last month I was up to 1,329. Over the past year, Everest Book Report has had viewers from 82 countries as well, including Mauritius, Tunisia, and Mongolia. In my searching, I've found an additional 226 books that fit my criteria for reading, and I imagine there are at least as many that I have not yet found. Current project completion date (to keep it conservative): September 2014.

This blog has changed in several ways since I began it. I envisioned it originally as a daily reading journal, but I found that I spent almost as much time writing as reading. In reaction, I started occasional updates with a laundry list of books I had read, and found that the blog had little use for others. My current format, of one book per post, written as a review seems to be resonating more with readers, and I look forward to developing the blog to further benefit fellow readers. Please let me know what you'd like to see! In the future, I hope to make this blog a comprehensive resource on the Everest literature, and I'll also see what I can do to keep up with the current publications without blowing my relatively small book budget. Happy reading!

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