Saturday, January 21, 2012

Some Changes

Everest Book Report is maturing, I hope! I'll be removing the last vestiges of a reading journal blog, and working towards making this a comprehensive resource on Everest books. I've removed my "Rules of the Game" page and replaced it with "Recommended Reading." I'll now be posting about books I've read before I started this blog (in addition to newly read books), because I felt it was a shame to not include such works as The Ascent of Everest by John Hunt or Greg Child's Postcards from the Ledge merely because I had read them before. Also, I'm going to go back and clean up and shorten some of my reading journal entries from the beginning of the blog and write some more significant information on the books that made it into my "laundry list" posts that followed soon after. I'm hoping all these changes will be more useful to anyone seeking information on these books.


  1. Hi Grant,

    Great job reading through all the books. I hope you can keep up with them all!

    Cheers, Greg

  2. You've got a beautiful site with "Top of the World Books." Thanks for the comment!