Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Incredible Ascents to Everest, by Sumati Nagrath

Sumati Nagrath writes about some of the most inspiring climbs of the world's highest mountain in Incredible Ascents to Everest: Extraordinary stories of ascents from a blind man's success to a Sherpa's record 21 climbs; from the oldest on the mountain to one who was first to ski down Mt. Everest. This large, photographically-illustrated volume tells a selected history of climbing Mount Everest, in which a climb's inspirational value, rather than its technical challenges, warrants its inclusion. The author picks a great set, given these parameters, for a book that should appeal to a wide audience, with the most important climbs of Everest's history mixed in with some of its great stories. The chapters focus on individuals, such as Junko Tabei or Min Bahadur Sherchan, but Nagrath includes a number of other notable climbers alongside, including Tamae Watanabe and Davo Karnicar. I like the international scope of this book, as so many Everest histories are Anglo-centric, and I appreciate Nagrath's attention to detail in her storytelling. The book is well-formatted, with an interesting mix of text, full-page photographs, quotes from climbers, and sub-sections. I found this book both entertaining and well-informed. Enjoy!

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