Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ascent of Everest, by Tytus Huffman

Tytus Huffman tells us a story about Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay climbing to the top of the world in Ascent of Everest. The 31-page children's book, published in 1978 and illustrated by Gary Rees, treats their climb as a grand adventure, led by Sir John (Hunt). Huffman sets the stage with some history of Everest, before following Hillary and Tenzing (with some other people) on their climb of Everest. Though he simplifies the climb into a story of two people and treats the sequence of actual events somewhat liberally, the author does a good of mixing storytelling with facts, creating a narrative that both teaches and entertains. The illustrations work well with the story, using action shots to complement the drama, in a mix of color and line drawings. Both the storyline and the illustrations seem somewhat dated (understandably), but it's a lovely little volume for seekers of Everest nostalgia. Overall, an entertaining book!

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