Monday, May 6, 2013

May 2013, A Month of Anniversaries

This month marks the anniversaries of a number of historic climbs on Everest. Sixty years since the first ascent. Fifty years since the American ascent and traverse via the West Ridge. Thirty-five years since Messner and Habeler climbed to the summit without supplemental oxygen. Twenty-five years since the amazing Kangshung Face ascent by four intrepid climbers.

Here are some links to posts that cover some of these great climbs:

1953 First ascent:
Goswami's Everest: Is It Conquered?
Gregory's Alfred Gregory's Everest
Hillary's High Adventure
Hunt's Our Everest Adventure 
Izzard's An Innocent on Everest
Lowe's From Everest to the South Pole 
Malartic's Tenzing of Everest
Morris's Coronation Everest 
Noyce's South Col
Stobart's Adventure's Eye
Tenzing's Tiger of the Snows 

1963 American ascent:
Hornbein's Everest: The West Ridge
McCallum's Everest Diary
Roper's Fatal Mountaineer
Ullman's Americans on Everest
Whittaker's A Life on the Edge

1978 gas-free ascent:
Habeler's The Lonely Victory
Messner's Everest: Expedition to the Ultimate 

1988 Kangshung Face:
Venable's Everest: Kangshung Face
Webster's Snow in the Kingdom

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