Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Explorer Tales: Mount Everest, by Nancy Dickmann

Nancy Dickmann writes an introduction to Everest for kids in Explorer Tales: Mount Everest. She provides some basic information on the history and act of climbing Everest, utilizing some fancy formatting and copious photographic illustrations. The book is about equal parts necessary information (considering the topic) and trivia, with bar-headed geese alongside information on mountain sickness and Mallory's (er...Somervell's) Vestpocket Kodak getting almost as much space as Mallory. I like, however, that her information is all pretty much correct and current (with the 19-1, rather than the outdated 3-1 summit-death ratio often quoted, and accurate names and dates for the events she covers), and that she covers several of the relatively modern events on Everest, such as Kropp's biking to Everest to climb it (see his Ultimate High), Karnicar's ski descent, and Apa Sherpa's 21st summit climb in 2011. The photos are mostly modern, with the stock images covering the Everest experience via Nepal, and historic images covering the specific climbs and climbers she discusses. Overall, a great book if you're looking for an entertaining book on Everest with pretty accurate information! ("Pretty" due merely to two minor squabbles: the less-oxygen-up-high thing can be misleading, though most books---including books for adults---will phrase it the same way; and Makalu makes a possible stand-in for Everest on page 13, though it is merely labeled "summit," so it might get by on a technicality.)

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